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The most accurate and comprehensive sales leads for Building Management Systems.


When a contractor sends you a tender enquiry and you subsequently prepare a quote, you make an investment in that project.


The cost of preparing a BMS proposal is typically 0.5-2% of the quote value.


Now that you have spent time and money preparing a BMS proposal, why not maximise your return on investment?


Multiple M&E contractors are involved with each project. And each will receive quotes from multiple BMS contractors.


Your initial chance of success is speculative at best.


In the region of 9%.


The traditional tendering process realises little potential to improve on this.


An increase in market exposure could be the answer.


You have an opportunity to get your proposal in front of more decision makers.


Seek provides you with the insight you need to win more projects and grow your business.


No subscription model. No contract. No monthly or annual fees.


It is a ‘per-project’ service.


You tell us the name of the project that you have quoted, and to which contractor/s.


And any contractor/s whom you do not wish to work with.


We will use a combination of our market data and our industry contacts, to provide you with additional validated leads.


You send your project proposal to the new contact.


Congratulations, your probability of success has just multiplied.


Gain a competitive advantage and revolutionise your route to market.


There are other data providers out there.


If you fancy paying into a subscription model that costs more than an average mortgage.


And be tied into a contract with horrific cancellation clauses.


All to receive generic, incomplete data…


…that will tie up your staff for hours on end, deciphering information, making cold calls.


Another option is to sit and continue to wait for enquiries to come to you.


The marketplace is evolving. Do not get left behind.


Are you ready to give Seek a try?


Find More Contractors

Identify which contractors are involved with which projects.


Know Who to Talk to

We provide details of key contacts to put you directly in touch with the people that matter.


Reliable Data Management

We use strict quality control and data protection processes to ensure all your information is confirmed as correct.


All the Insight You Need

With an exclusive partnership providing unique access to data, we ensure you have a clear competitive advantage over your competition.


Gain an Edge with Knowledge

With data for almost every UK project, we help you get in ahead of your competitors.


Team Up with the Best

We work hard to deliver you tailored intelligence that makes all the difference.


Let’s take a look at an example.


Scenario 1 – Typical


Tier 1: Main Contractor

Tier 2: Sub-Contractor (M&E Contractor)

Tier 3: Sub-Sub-Contractor (BMS Contractor) *You*

Seek Order Form

Order Value

Success Fee (the greater of)

Up to £250k

£500 or 1%

≥ £250k

£2,500 or 0.9%

≥ £500k

£4,500 or 0.8%

≥ £1m

£8,000 or 0.7%

≥ £2.5m

£17,500 or 0.6%

This project has already been secured by the Tier 1 contractor (for clarity of illustration).


The Tier 1 contractor will receive a bid from at least three Tier 2 contractors.


Each Tier 2 contractor will receive a bid from at least three Tier 3 contractors.


We’ll factor that some Tier 3 contractors will receive enquiries from multiple Tier 2 contractors for the same project.


Especially where the Tier 3 contractor is named within the specification.


For a Tier 1 secured project such as this, you have a 14% chance of success.


Where Tier 1 has not yet been secured, you have a 9% chance of success.


Now let us look at the same project, but this time with Seek.


Scenario 2 – Using Seek

We have identified two additional Tier 2 contractors that are interested in receiving your proposal.


You have now increased your chance of success on this project to 42%.


Or where Tier 1 is unsecured, you have increased your chance of success to 27%.


Calculations simplified for illustrations. There are many deciding factors that determine success rate.


Our Fee Structure


We charge a fixed fee per lead (the Seek Fee), followed by an order placement fee if you are successfully awarded the project (the Success Fee).


Seek Fee:          £49

Success Fee:     from 0.6% of order value


If you are successful in receiving an order from one of the leads generated by Seek, our Success Fee becomes payable.

The Success Fee is payable on the total order value regardless of its type (e.g., purchase order, sub-contract order, etc). If a LOI (Letter of Intent) or similar is issued, £500 is payable immediately and will be subtracted from the remainder of the Success Fee as applicable, as and when the full order is received.

The Success fee is payable regardless of time passed, and revisions to your proposal. The Success fee is payable based on the final order value, whether it be higher or lower than the initial proposal value. Order value excludes any cost options, or cost savings.


For a limited time only, we are waiving the Seek fee!         

£49 > £0                 


Did you know? The Success Fee is comparable to the initial cost of preparing a speculative BMS quote.

Did you know? UK construction data services typically cost around £10,000 annually, with no guarantee of results. Spending this same amount with Seek means that you have secured over £1,000,000 of revenue!


We help you achieve sales growth now, and for the future.